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Can girls pee when they're on their periods?


no we just hold it in for a week.

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Ghost Of You
by: Selena Gomez & The Scene
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*listens to kesha*

*feels 2010 me about to go just a tad bit too hard*

Chasing The Sun - Expectations Vs. Reality

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"Music has always helped me express what I cannot say with words. One of the most rewarding things about my profession is that I get to use my voice and my songs to help touch others and give them strength. I know exactly what it is like to sit alone in your room, broken down, bruised inside and out, lonely, and desperate to feel loved and connected to someone. My songs are not only for me, but they are for every single person out there in need of a friend. They are for anyone who has ever felt like they needed someone to stand by their side. If you are reading this, please know I am here for you, and I want to be there to help you get through your darkest days.”

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I’m chasing the sun won’t miss out on the fun gotta get it while our hearts are young

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*every highschool student when the teacher doesn’t show up after 2 minutes* “you know there’s a rule where if the teacher’s not here after 15 minutes we can just leave”