gabriela, sixteen, brazil you know i love demi and some other shits too, so enjoy baby &

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stoppppppppppp you don’t even *%&¨$%¨&$)*¨)¨(*¨&(*

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01/50 pictures of demi lovato in black&white

01/50 pictures of demi lovato in black&white

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Hilary Duff on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Have you ever seen demi?

yesss i saw her last year in sao paulo and i’ll see her again in 5 days so excited omg!!!!!!!!!11

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your icons are really good

thank you sweetie

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Eita caraio contei o dia de hoje xkbskx eu vou no dia 24

aaah é muito show em um lugar só, em vez de fazer um show em um lugar maior —’ 

coitada, 3 shows seguidos no msm lugar asudhuashdu 

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